IPB Polska Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Królewska 16 - 00-103 Warszawa

The subject-matter of the company established on 17th December 2007 in Warsaw is the manufacturing of cold forming metal sheet dies and the stamping of metal sheet parts for the auto market.


IPB Polska, aware of the importance that environmental protection has in the present and future global context of human activities, but also aware of the requirements imposed by the market, the technology and the progress, aims at the pursuit of a proper sustainable development through the correct environmental management of its own activities and products.

From this point of view the Board of Directors has fixed as main goal the implementation of a Environmental Management System through the compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 norm and the achievement of the relevant certification by the year 2011.

In order to reach such result the company intends :

  • to comply with all indications and legally binding obligations, as well as with other prescriptions and rules adopted by the company concerning environmental protection.
  • to supervise in a checked and systematic way its own environmental impacts;
  • to aim at the continuous improvement of its own environmental performances;
  • to carry on a planned and regular re-examination of the global Environmental management System, through the analysis of its appropriateness;
  • to do everything in its power to reduce row materials consumptions and pollution sources;
  • to choose new technologies and new products also evaluating their environmental variables ;
  • to aim at replacing substances having a possible negative environmental impact with other less polluting substances;
  • to ensure the cooperation with the public authorities to establish and to update the emergency procedures and, moreover, to pursue a open dialogue with the public;
  • to give the greatest importance to the global personnel training regarding environmental protection, in order to promote sensitisation, awareness and cooperation of everyone;
  • to promote a sensitisation of the suppliers aimed at environmental management of the working phases that involve also indirectly the company (stocking, transport, personnel training etc.)
  • to carry out environmental purchases, by adopting clear environmental standards for selecting the suppliers.
  • To adopt and apply environmental concepts in Accountancy, to implement environmental Accountancy.

The environmental goals, chosen by the Board of Directors to achieve a continuous improvement, will be formulated yearly; they will be documented and forwarded to all the involved parties.

The requirements of the pre-fixed goals will be applied, if necessary, to all the activities, the process, the products and the row materials of the plant, taking into account the scientific and technological progress

Announcement number: 1024546
Deadline for submission of offert: till 27.03.2017

Announcement’s information

We hereby inform you that today we started the selection procedure for the delivery of die's thermoregulation system. If you are your interest to submit your offer, please send it till 27/03/2017.The announcemet is available on website https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/.

Announcement number: 1012104
Deadline for submission of offert: till 20-12-2016

Announcement’s information

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